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Proposal Elaboration
When commissioned by our partners, we work closely with them and put together the proposal documentation, provide specialists for writing the feasibility studies, elaborate the financial and professional draft of the project on the basis of previously approved and successfully executed project experience, submit it to the organisations responsible for the grant scheme, and follow up the proposal.

We undertake ad hoc and long-term consultation in Hungarian and in English related to the proposals called for by the Structural Funds and the Community Initiatives Fund in all the phases of project implementation from writing and designing through execution to the final settlement.

We are also ready to do the quality control of proposals prior to submitting them, in the course of which we check whether the application form was filled in properly and whether the necessary documentation is available and has the proper content.

In addition to consultation, we undertake the full-scale elaboration of project ideas, which includes selecting the most appropriate grant scheme and the complete filling-in of the application form.

Also, we undertake the execution of approved proposals, which means the provision of the following services:
  • professional and technical consultation required for the implementation of the project in line with the European Union regulations and coordination

  • writing of progress reports

  • preparation and elaboration of interim EU financial reports required for the execution of the program

  • consultation related to financial optimisation

  • assistance in meeting the formal requirements of financial settlement

  • preparation of monitoring

  • preparation of the final, closing financial report

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